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Democrat Senator Slams Nancy Pelosi’s Rhetoric, says we Need more ‘Wall’ on the Border

Donald Trump Stopped Democrats from Killing Alaskans

Public School Teacher and Democrat Politician Caught Degrading Military and Berating Children

The White House Immigration Framework is a Nightmare

The Oscars are all about the Politics

DACA DREAMers Support the Wall if it Gets them Amnesty

News You Can Use for January 29, 2018

NYC Congresswoman Yvette Clark Compares Trump’s Policies To Nazis

Religious Liberty and the Ghettoization of Christianity in America

Air Force One's New Fridge Will Cost Taxpayers A Whopping $24,000,000!

Ring Of Fire ON ALERT As Earthquake Rocks Japan

Trump's First Year Better Than Entire Reagan Era?

Haters Gonna Hate

Conservatives Want to End Taxpayer-Funded Settlements for Sex Harassment

Canadian Liberal Press Bought Out by Government

Intergenerational Criminality Is a Thing

Jay Z Complains about Trump and President Fires Back on Twitter!

Trump’s Tough North Korea Talk Worked! Kim Calls for Unified Korea!

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