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Obama-Appointed Judge Makes Mockery of Law, Rules Illegals Have this ‘Constitutional’ Right

New FBI Director “Shocked to His Core” by Abuses of Previous Leadership

President Trump’s Delivers the State of the Union Address

Schizophrenic Chicago Voted Best City and Murder Capital

Paul Ryan Admits: FBI may have Violated Civil Liberties

President Donald Trump's 1st State of the Union Address

Some Congressmen Want to Hide the Memo – They Don’t Want You to Know the Truth

Julian Assange Exposes Trump’s “Subservience” to Terrorist Saudi Arabia

Mainstream Media Is A Part Of The Biggest Scandal In US History

I Am Running For Congress Against A ‘Never Trumper’ That Said That Donald Trump ‘Can Go Straight To Hell’

Franklin Graham: ‘We Are In A Coup D’etat….They Are Using The Media’

Panic Grips U.S. Financial Markets As The Dow Falls 362 Points – Worst Drop In More Than A Year

Ghost Of Economies past

News You Can Use for January 31, 2018

Deep State Says Any Republican Exposing Dems Is a Russian Agent

Did Andrew McCabe Resign because of the Memo?

McCabe’s Sudden Retirement Linked to Asinine Handling of Hillary Hunch

Flummoxed and Faulty FBI Finds Fresh Russian Dossier Tied To Trump

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