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Foolish French President’s Free Speech Fail: “Fake News” ILLEGAL?!

Trump Attempts to Put A Muzzle on Bannon With Legal Maneuver

News You Can Use for January 4, 2018

NAUGHTY LIST: Santa Gets the Boot from Government Agency Egged on By Union

Report: North Korea Hit OWN CITY With Missile

Hispanics Want Less Immigration than Whites Want

Washington State Sues Motel 6 For Giving ICE Info without a Warrant

Twitter Fascists Censor Yet ANOTHER Conservative Voice

Anti-Trump Hysteria Reaches Absurd New Level in College Football

Mueller At Center of Lawsuit as Russia Probe Spirals Out of Control

American Pop Music Returning to Conservative Roots with Country Chic

Steve Bannon Becomes Cannon Fodder For POTUS As Spat Escalates

Capitalism: Tyson to Open Marijuana Farm, "Tyson Ranch"

Homosexual Gun Confiscation Group Protests AR-556 At Ruger Headquarters

Sarah Huckaby Sanders Defends Trump's Nuclear Button Tweet: 'It's Just Fact'

Assassination-Happy Liberals Bemoan Trump’s Tough Twitter Talk

Will Pennsylvania State Police Violate The Law & Confiscate These Citizens' Guns?

Snopes Gets Punked With New Revelations In Wikileaks Emails About Hillary & NYT Collusion

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