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Latest Economic News Proves GOP Policies Better for America

Beatles Great Ringo Starr Not Afraid to Perform in Israel, Unlike Anti-Semitic Bigot Lorde

How President Trump Normalized Neoconservatism

Hindsight is 20/20: Reevaluating 2017

What do we Know for Sure about Life and Politics in 2018?

Communism and Millennials

Rush Limbaugh has an Interesting Conspiracy Theory on Trump vs. Bannon

News You Can Use for January 5, 2018

Woman Asks For Female Nurse During Very Private Exam – She Got A Man Dressed As A Woman


Lowest Number of Announced Job Cuts in 27 Years

Two Republican Congressmen Call for Jeff Sessions to Resign

Ben Shapiro Agrees with Donald Trump on Steve Bannon [VIDEO!]

Boom! Economy Surges Forward after Trump Tax Cuts Passed

Robert Mueller’s Anti-Trump Grand Jury Slammed as a Biased ‘Black Lives Matter Rally’

Big Government at Work – New Law says Men Cannot be Paid Higher than Women!

The Government Threatens to Condemn Man’s Home because He Shelters the Homeless from the Cold

It’s Feminists Who Give Feminism a Bad Name

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