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The FBI and DoJ Set Sights on the Clintons… Again

Meet the Companies Giving 1 Million Workers a $3K Bonus, Thanks to the Trump Tax Cuts

News You Can Use for January 6, 2018

If The Current Paper Civil War Against Trump Fails, It May Move From Bullet Points To Real Bullets

A Trump/Bannon Conspiracy Theory That Could Only Come From Rush Limbaugh

Black Unemployment Sinks to Its Lowest Level Ever

Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham Request DOJ Investigate Trump Dossier Author

Trump Border Wall Cost Estimate Has Accountants Losing Their Minds

Anti-Trump Publishing Stunt Raises Specter of Misusing 25th Amendment

Russian and American Fighter Jets Flirt With Conflict Over Europe

Media Meltdown Has Mainstream Asking Twitter to Dump Trump

New York Times Goes on The Offensive Against #MeToo Movement

Trans Woman: 'Men are Weak and Insecure for not Dating Us'

Infamous “Dossier” Author Could Be Headed to Congressional Hot Seat

Arizona Rep Looks To Expand Militia Protections to Protect Gun Owner Rights

Wrong: Michael Wolff Claims '100% of People Questioned Trump's Fitness for Office'

Perhaps JJ MacNab & The SPLC Should Have Picked On US Attorney Steven Myhre Rather Than The Bundys

Tennessee University Student: It's OK To Murder Young Children Because They Can't Communicate Like Adults

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