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Latest Sunday, January 7, 2018

Facebook Removes “Warriors for Christ” Page Again – Offers No Right Of Appeal

Pakistan Aid Cutoff Is Wise and Long Overdue

CORD CUTTERS: Mainstream Media Too Unhealthy For One Gym Chain

Crazy Joe Biden Says CEOs Doubt Trump’s Judgement

Antifa Twerp Served Expensive Dose of Justice After Targeting Republicans

Donald Trump and Congress Worked on 2018 Agenda

Pentagon: Laser Powered Bat Drones Coming To A Town Near You

Liberal Media Now Claiming Wolff Book “Too Sordid” To Be Fake News

Cold Weather Breaks More Records

Texas: Nigerian Couple Forced to Pay Domestic "Slave" Held For Over 2 Years More Than $120,000 In Restitution

Bundy Attorney Who Argued For Client's Release Faces Disbarment Hearing – Law Violating Prosecutor In Bundy Ranch Case Keeps Job

Was There FBI Involvement In Officer Phillip Cardillo's Murder At Mosque?

DOJ Rescinds 25 Obsolete Guidance Documents, Including Several ATF Docs

The Smoking Gun: The Fusion GPS-Manufactured Collusion Scandal

Italy: Muslim Migrant Attempts Rape Of Woman In Labor In Rome Hospital

CDC Warns Americans To Prepare For Nuclear War

Al Gore Scrambles to Explain Arctic Blast, Gives DUMBEST Excuse Ever

Trump Won't Ever be Kicked Off Twitter, Here's Why

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