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Seattle Soda Tax Perfect Example of How Liberals Hurt the Little Guy

Even NeverTrump Conservatives Give Trump an A+ on 2017 Agenda

‘Liar and Phony’! Only the Most Anti-Trump Partisans Buy the Bull in New Hate-Filled Book

The Need for Free and Fair Trade

Trump Turns National Championship into Patriotic Rally

Strange Bedfellows: Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul Join Forces?

News You Can Use for January 9, 2018

Mrs. Hughes Serves Up Old-Time Great, Stand-Up Humor! (Video)

Sign Advertises Help In Time of Trouble

NC Imam Calls For Slaughter Of Jews

“Slave of Allah” Planned To Use Pipe Bombs To Drive People To SF Pier Then Shoot Them Dead

More Calls For FBI & DOJ Investigation From Strange Bedfellows In Republican Senate


Golden Globes Blacklisted Victims

California Democrats Advocate State Resistance to the Feds. What Year Is It?

NJ Town Fining Residents $200 For Using GPS Shortcuts in Neighborhoods

No PC! Roseanne Barr Defends Trump: 'It Was Time for Us to Shake Things Up'

Wikileaks Cuts Wolff’s Profits Off At The Knees With Google Docs Stunt

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