Monday, October 1, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Monday, October 1, 2018

Man Who Said Kavanaugh Raped Woman on Boat Got What Was Coming to Him

Senate Judiciary Committee Asks DOJ, FBI to Investigate Kavanaugh Accuser of Lying

Ford Claims Memory of Kavanaugh Assault Triggered by Meltdown Over Remodeling (Video)

Grandstanding Dems at Kavanaugh Hearing Get Bad News They NEVER Saw Coming

USA Today Sparks Outrage When They Insinuate Judge Kavanaugh is a Pedophile

We Weren’t Worried About the FBI Playing Politics With Investigation Until Comey Weighed In

Kanye West Stands Up to the Liberal Mob! [Video]

Pelosi Goes Off the Rails, Blasts ‘DESPICABLE REPUBLICANS’ While Begging for Cash

BREAKING: ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Makes Monster Announcement About 2020 Run

A Trap Lies Behind the Demand for a Renewed FBI Investigation of Brett Kavanaugh

House Judiciary Committee Issues Subpoena to Glenn Simpson, Co-Founder of Fusion GPS

ACLU Jumps Into the Kavanaugh Fray

Concerning Predictions for a ‘Kavanaugh Wave’ in November??

Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell: ‘I Would NOT Charge Kavanaugh or Pursue a Search Warrant’

NY Times’ Dastardly Fake News About the American Bar Association and Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote

Dem Senator Proves Why Kavanaugh FBI Probe Is POINTLESS to Dems, Pelosi Agrees

The Same FBI That Gave Hillary A Pass Is Going To Investigate Kavanaugh’s 1982 Teen Party

Far-Left NYC Mayor TRASHES Hillary Behind Her Back In Stunning Email Reveal

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