Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dem-Socialist Starlet Compares Connects Electoral College to Slavery

Dem Thinks Anti-Conservative Harassment is About White Supremacy

She’s Not Well: Hillary Suffers Thru Yet Another Embarrassing Moment (WATCH)

Unhinged Google Lead Designer Condemns GOP to Hell Over Kavanaugh Vote

Top Google Exec To Trump Supporters, ‘F*** You All To Hell’

The Democrats Have a New Scheme for SCOTUS

Liberals Media Outlets Are Furious With Dan Bongino

GET READY! Hannity Drops ‘Deep State’ Bomb, & The Left Has Nowhere to Hide (Watch)

Hillary Slithers Forward to Emit Eerie, Egregious Call to Arms

Taylor Swift Goes POLITICAL – Starts Bashing Trump Supporters

The ‘American Tradition’ of Free Speech on the Internet Is No Longer Available, This Leak Proves It

What is the Schumer connection to the Kavanaugh smear?

Democrats Talking Impeachment Again, But Not For Trump!

Pelosi Details The ‘Wrap-Up Smear’ Technique – Exactly What They Did to Kavanaugh (Video)

POTUS Asked About Taylor Swift Endorsing Dems, Response Is Pure Trump [WATCH]

A New Trail to Follow In The Collusion Conspiracy With Some Questionable Links

Google Hid Data Breach From Everyone

Shock Report: Children of Illegal Immigrants Cost More Than Funding Trump’s Wall

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