Friday, October 12, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, October 12, 2018

Senator Warns Democrats About The Repercussions of Their Vicious Rhetoric

There’s a reason why President Trump has not unilaterally declassified the documents exposing perfidy against him

Eric Holder is The Latest to Push for Escalation Against Republicans

WATCH: Rand Paul Reveals Stunning Detail About Scalise Shooter the Media IGNORED

BREAKING: Chief Justice Roberts Refers Kavanaugh Complaints to Federal Judges

Pelosi Demands All Communications Between FBI and White House Regarding Kavanaugh Probe

Shocking New Information on Doxxing Democrat Capitol Hill Staffer

Avenatti Calls Out Grassley, Instantly ROASTED By Senate Judiciary In Brutal Tweet

Liberal Sportswriter Admits He Was “Scared” By Braves’ Fans Chopping

Polls Show the Most Popular and Successful Governors are Republicans

President Trump Fires Back Against Eric Holders’ Call to Arms

Democratic committee leaders eye ambitious agenda if they flip the House

Author of the Salacious Dossier Breaks His Silence

Project Veritas Catches Dem Senator in ENORMOUS Lie!

BOOM: Greg Gutfeld Drops A Major BOMB Live On FOX News

Obama Had Planned for Trump to Lose, Contend Results in 2016

LEAKED: Google Brief States, Google Must Move Away From FREE SPEECH

Facebook BANS Doug Giles And – Here’s Doug’s Response

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