Sunday, October 14, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, October 14, 2018

Where Are The Conservative Talking Heads and GOP Politicians While The Base That Carries Their Message Gets PURGED?

Fusion GPS Founder to Invoke the Fifth Amendment with House Judiciary Committee

George Clooney Gets Its All Wrong…Again

Parents Outraged Over Creepy Survey That Asks 5th-Graders About Their Sex Lives

GOP Unleashes The Video That Dems Don’t Want You To See

School Deems Trump Jersey “Unacceptable” For Patriotically Themed Event

Anchor Baby Births in LA Reach Unbelievable Numbers!

Facebook Says, ‘Only’ 30M Users Had Their 411 Stolen – Here’s How To See If You Were Violated

Secret to Melania’s “Don’t Care” Jacket Revealed by FLOTUS Herself

‘MERELY THE BEGINNING!’ Antifa Attacks GOP HQ, Warns of More Violence to Come

BREAKING: Look What Immigration Officers Just Found… BOOM!

There’s a new cyber group in town and it is attacking our nations best

Ocasio-Cortez Has New Plan for Supreme Court, & It’s Worse Than Imagined

WATCH: Doug Giles Talks About Conservative Sites Getting NUKED By Facebook

Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Try ‘Birddogging’ Sen. Cassidy But He Flips The Script Perfectly

Dem Gov Candidate: Blue Wave Will Consist of ‘Undocumented Voters’ [WATCH]

Hillary Clinton’s Secret Security Clearance Move Has Americans Puzzled

Trump Achievements: 289 Accomplishments in Just 20 Months

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