Monday, October 15, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Monday, October 15, 2018

New York Times is Scrambling to Quell a Staff Rebellion

NBC News Forced to Apologize for BLATANT Lie After Trump Calls Them Out

BREAKING: Antifa Declares- “Tonight, We Put The Republican Party On Notice,” Promises More Violence

According to the Media Everyone Is Smart Except The President

CNN’s Record on Racism Summed Up In One Perfect Tweet, Network Has No Response

Top Republican lawmaker said the FBI failed to provide a federal surveillance court with important evidence

ALERT: New Disease Only Found In Rats NOW Infecting Humans For The First Time EVER… This Is NOT Good

ANTIFA VIOLENCE: Patriot Prayer Rally Turns Bloody, US Flag Set Ablaze (Videos)

Dems Don’t Want Hillary Anywhere NEAR Their Campaigns, Drop 3 Scathing Words

Four Women BUSTED In Massive Organized Voter Fraud Scheme, Preyed On Elderly

Facebook Hacker Identity to Remain Secret?

BREAKING: Dozens Just ARRESTED In Special Operation… Here’s What They Were Doing

School Board Abandons Pledge Of Allegiance, Uses Quotes From Gay & Black Leaders

WATCH: Joe Biden Makes Big Announcement About Running In 2020

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton and 4 Of Her Staff Lose Security Clearances After Being BUSTED In SCANDAL! EPIC WIN!

BREAKING: Antifa Sets American Flag On Fire- Ends in BLOODY Street Brawl! [VIDEOS]

Trump Warns Saudi Arabia in Case of Missing Journalist

Kavanaugh Protester Who Attacked an Elderly Man Couldn’t Outrun the Law [VID]

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