Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, October 16, 2018

According to the Media Everyone Is Smart Except The President

NBC News Forced to Apologize for BLATANT Lie After Trump Calls Them Out

Sean Hannity Promises to “ROCK” Midterms with McCaskill Video

Texas’ Militant Antifa Use Severed Pig Heads to Call for Revolution

Nancy Pelosi’s Gun Control: Six Ways She Plans to Take Away Firearm Freedoms

Major Omission Raises Concerns Over Liz Warren’s DNA Test

Are Democrats Attempting To Subject Americans To Tyranny Of The Majority?

Top Republican lawmaker said the FBI failed to provide a federal surveillance court with important evidence

The Masters of the digital universe have largely abandoned the internet’s founding principles of freedom

School Board Abandons Pledge Of Allegiance, Uses Quotes From Gay & Black Leaders

ANTIFA VIOLENCE: Patriot Prayer Rally Turns Bloody, US Flag Set Ablaze (Videos)

LISTEN UP! Here Are The 10 Important Reasons You Must Go Out and Vote November 6th

One of the Most Prestigious and Richest Progressive Think Tanks is Urging Democrats to Hide Their Real Intentions

The NFL’s Grand Illusion is Null and Void, and Pats Fans Proved It

Defiant Hillary Defends Bill’s Affair With Monica Lewinsky, Says It WASN’T Abuse of Power

WATCH: Antifa Terrorists Attack Patriot Prayer Rally – This Is DISGUSTING

Facebook Hacker Identity to Remain Secret?

WATCH: 1999 Video Of Melania Discussing Being A 1st Lady Is PROPHETIC!

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