Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, October 17, 2018

FBI Raids Offices Of Very Vocal Anti-Trump Mayor

Texas’ Militant Antifa Use Severed Pig Heads to Call for Revolution

Are Democrats Attempting To Subject Americans To Tyranny Of The Majority?

WINNING: Job Openings Hit Record 7 Million – Plenty For The 6 Million Unemployed

Manhattan Police on The Hunt for Antifa and Rivals After Brawl

Bernie Makes Oddly Vague Statement When Asked to Condemn Violence

Senator Claire McCaskill Goes On The Defense After Project Veritas Undercover Video

Major Omission Raises Concerns Over Liz Warren’s DNA Test

One of the Most Prestigious and Richest Progressive Think Tanks is Urging Democrats to Hide Their Real Intentions

LISTEN UP! Here Are The 10 Important Reasons You Must Go Out and Vote November 6th

Hypocrisy of McCaskill Staff on Full Display in Veritas Video

If You Want To See What Real Election Meddling Looks Like, Look No Further

Warren Digs Deeper Hole, Goes On DISTURBING Trump Rant After Shoddy DNA Test

BACKFIRE: Corrections to Warren’s DNA Test Say She May Be Peruvian or Columbian

When the Fact Checkers Blatantly Get It Wrong

Watch This Montage of the Mainstream Media, Democrats Blaming Trump For Khashoggi Killing

BREAKING: Dems BUSTED Admitting Illegal Aliens Will Be Voting In Elections [VIDEO]

Stormy Daniels Loses Big to Trump In Court, Must Pay His Legal Fees [WATCH]

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