Friday, October 19, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, October 19, 2018

Nancy Pelosi: There is “Nothing” Democrats Will Trade In Exchange For Border Wall (Video)

BREAKING: Trump Threatens To Call US MILITARY To Close Southern Border

Apparently supporting Trumps 2020 reelection and not supporting Hillary makes you a fake or Russian account

Senior FBI Official Accepted Gifts From Reporters and Lawmakers Are Digging In Deep

Controlling Information Ahead of Elections In Their ‘War Room’

Representative of the People Endorses ‘Collateral Damage’ Against Those Who Do Not Share Her Views [Video]

BREAKING News About BENGHAZI… Federal Judge Just Blew The Case WIDE OPEN

MUST WATCH: Liberals Call For Violence Ahead Of Mid-Terms… SICKENING

BREAKING: Muslim Country JUST Made WAR THREAT To America’s NAVY… President Trump TICKED

Rush Limbaugh Drops A BOMB About The Mid-Term Elections [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Most Wanted ILLEGAL Alien Just CAPTURED! Look Where He Was Hiding

TOPLESS MOWING? Maine Town Decides To Let The Citizens Vote…Results Are In

MSNBC Analyst Comes to Elizabeth Warren’s Defense, Slams Cherokee Nation Over Statement.

Woke Progressives are a Tiny Minority

Whoopi Starts Screaming That She Doesn’t Want To ‘Pay For It’ – Too Bad!

U.S. Finally Regains Top Spot as Most Competitive Economy For First Time Since 2008

Pelosi: If There is ‘Collateral Damage’ to Political Opponents ‘So Be It’

Maxine Waters Threatens Justice Kavanaugh ‘Won’t Rest Easy In His Job’

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