Thursday, October 25, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, October 25, 2018

Russian Troll Caught Sowing Intense Political Discord

BREAKING: Officials Say 14 THOUSAND Honduran Migrants Now Heading To U.S.

Our Free Speech Is At Stake And Under the Thumb of Big Tech

IT’S HAPPENING: Look Which Country Are MASS Micro-Chipping Their Citizens… NOT GOOD!


BREAKING: IRS Agent Heading To PRISON… Look What She Did!

ALERT: Look What Illegal Aliens Are Doing Now To Gain Citizenship… SPREAD THIS

‘Social Justice’ March Recently Cost Bankrupt Chicago $215,000

FRAUD! GOP Never-Trumper Women’s Group Backed by Billionaire Democrat

No #MeToo For You: Media Ignores Gay Man Who Accused Democrat of Sexual Assault

Migrant Invaders Just Proved Trump Right – Dems DIDN’T Need This 11 Days Before Midterms!

Trump Calls for Unity Across America, Pelosi and Schumer’s Response is Typical

Here’s How Google & Facebook Threatens The Very Fabric Of Society

How to Deploy 5G Technology Now

NYT hits new low, publishes fictional account of Trump’s assassination

Why Democrats Need to SHUT UP About Political Violence

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Rally in Mosinee, Wisconsin

LOL! MIGRANT MOB MEMBER Flashes Gang Sign As Univision Reporter, Jorge Ramos Tells Fox News’ Viewers Caravan Is Harmless [VIDEO]

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