Thursday, October 4, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, October 4, 2018

Professor Who Said GOP Sens Should be Murdered Has FULL Support of College

Senator Grassley’s Chief Counsel Absolutely Destroys Michael Avenatti 

Dem Senators May Be Forced to Vote for Kavanaugh, Getting CRUSHED In State Races

Trump Jr. Finds Video of Whoopi Defending Child Rapist After She Talks About His Kids (WATCH)

New Dem Position: An Innocent Kavanaugh Should Still Withdraw

Whoopi “Polanski Apologist” Goldberg Just Called Trump’s Grandson A Potential Predator… On His 7th Birthday

‘Spartacus’ Suggests Suspension of Law in Kavanaugh Confirmation

The Democrats Circus Against Kavanaugh Should Terrify Parents of Boys

Barbara Streisand Lodges ASININE Complaint Against President

Allegations Against Kavanaugh Has Sparked a Wave of Unbridled Anger and Anxiety

Concerns Over Polygraph Perjury Mar Dr. Ford’s Testimony

Has another ‘Strzok’ type been detected?

‘Unsubstantiated Abuse’ Claims Against Keith Ellison Handed off to Local Law Enforcement

Gowdy Gives Insight Into The Transcripts From House Intel Committee’s Trump-Russia Probe [Video]

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Puts Ignorance on Display, PROVES She Doesn’t Know Congress’ Role

SHOCK VIDEO: Male Abortion Activist VIOLENTLY KICKS Pro-Life Woman (Watch)

Surprise! Look What Dianne Feinstein Just Said About The FBI Investigation

Police Escorting Congress in DC as Kavanugh Powder Keg Looms

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