Friday, October 5, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, October 5, 2018

GOP Senator Wants A Criminal Referral Sent to the FBI/DOJ on Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick 

Sarah Sanders Rips Jim Acosta After He Asks if She Believes Kavanaugh is a ‘Victim’ (Video)

Cory Booker Lambasted By Rand Paul’s Wife Over Calls for Violence

Lindsey Graham Snaps at Protester Demanding Kavanaugh Take a Polygraph (Video)

The FISA Warrant Scandal Now Has An Uglier Plot Twist

Alleged ‘Extraordinary’ New Disclosure Seeks to Delay Kavanaugh Confirmation

Minneapolis PD Cites Conflicts of Interest and Will Not Investigate Claims Against Keith Ellison 

Dem Who Doxxed GOP Senators Had Another Target — THEIR CHILDREN (Details)

WATCH: Chelsea Clinton Lectures America On Sexual Impropriety

SHOCK VIDEO: Male Abortion Activist VIOLENTLY KICKS Pro-Life Woman (Watch)

When You Put This Altogether Christine Ford Is Obviously Lying

‘Unsubstantiated Abuse’ Claims Against Keith Ellison Handed off to Local Law Enforcement

Surprise! Look What Dianne Feinstein Just Said About The FBI Investigation

Lindsey Graham Delivers Potent Zinger to Kavanaugh Protesters

Dr. Ford and The Democrats Rail Against FBI Probe They Called For

GOP Congressman Drops A Bomb – Undercover FBI Sources TAPED Trump Campaign

FBI Report Drops! Grassley Makes Bold Proclamation

Trump Admin. Boldly Says the Truth: ‘Palestine’ is NOT a State

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