Saturday, October 6, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, October 6, 2018

Laura Ingraham just fired a warning shot across the bow of Lisa Murkowski!

LMAO: Video Of Weepy Feinstein After Reading FBI Report Is Hilarious!

65 Trump State Department Nominees On Hold Because of Democrats

Dem Who Doxxed GOP Senators Had Another Target — THEIR CHILDREN (Details)

JUST IN: Senate Judiciary Tracking Ford Communications with Retired FBI Agent

Alleged ‘Extraordinary’ New Disclosure Seeks to Delay Kavanaugh Confirmation

She Lied to US About Benghazi YouTube Video, Now Susan Rice May Run for Senate

Donald Trump: Judge Kavanaugh Protesters ‘PAID Professionals’ by George Soros (Video)

Minneapolis PD Cites Conflicts of Interest and Will Not Investigate Claims Against Keith Ellison 

MUST SEE: Confused Protesters Don’t Know They’re About to Harass Dem Senator

When You Put This Altogether Christine Ford Is Obviously Lying

Christine Blah-Blah Ford & Her Hippocampus

Liberal Comedian Calls for POTUS To Be “Held Down”, “Violated”

WATCH: Protester Yells ‘We’ll Remove You From Office,’ Graham’s Response Is Priceless

Kavanaugh Creeps Closer to Confirmation by Clinching Cloture Vote

Here is a Little Bombshell Russian Collusion For You

Nancy Pelosi Hits Rock Bottom, Compares Kavanaugh to Murderous Dictators (WATCH)

GOP Sen Confronted by Protester, He Shuts Her Down HARD With Two Words (Watch)

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