Sunday, October 7, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Left Will Carry Out Politics By Intimidation

Donald Trump: Judge Kavanaugh Protesters ‘PAID Professionals’ by George Soros (Video)

JUST IN: Senate Judiciary Tracking Ford Communications with Retired FBI Agent

WATCH: Protester Yells ‘We’ll Remove You From Office,’ Graham’s Response Is Priceless

Laura Ingraham just fired a warning shot across the bow of Lisa Murkowski!

MUST SEE: Confused Protesters Don’t Know They’re About to Harass Dem Senator

Alyssa Milano Should Be Ashamed After Vile Rant Against Kavanaugh & America

Could Feinstein’s Hail Mary Play Have Landed Ford (Etc.) In Legal Hot Water?

BREAKING: GOP Sens Get Death Threats On PERSONAL PHONES After Kavanaugh Vote

CNN Editor Points Finger at Michael Avenatti for Failed Takedown of Kavanaugh

TV Lawyer Loses His Cool After CNN Editor Calls Him Out

GOP Senate Candidate Calls Out Congress and We Are Fist Pumping!

The Calendar Event Was Not the Party of Record?

‘Paid Protester’ Complaints by Mainstream Media DESTROYED

If Not for the Democrats Filibuster of Gorsuch We Wouldn’t Be Having a Kavanaugh Confirmation

Bette Middler Crosses Derogatory Line in Inexcusable Tweet

Susan Collins Announces Kavanaugh Decision in Dramatic Fashion

During Kavanaugh Chaos, A Kind Deed Shines on Senate Floor

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