Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Dems Declare War on Kavanaugh and Question the ‘Legitimacy’ of the Supreme Court

BREAKING: Dem Who Doxxed GOP Senators Was PAID By ‘Outside’ Source

Hirono: Protesters Are Justified Running Senators out of Restaurants Because of White Supremacists (Video)

Kavanaugh Makes Women’s History with Clerk Appointments

Developing: Rep Maxine Waters Facing New FEC Complaint

Lindsey Graham Challenges Chuck Schumer in Heated Interview

The Doxxing ‘Intern’ Story Just Added A Plot Twist Into The Mix

Alaska GOP Considering Tossing Lisa Murkowski Out Of GOP?

Dem-Socialist Starlet Compares Connects Electoral College to Slavery

The Socialist Oligarchy in California Has Caused Quite a Problem for it’s Residents

Unhinged Google Lead Designer Condemns GOP to Hell Over Kavanaugh Vote

Collins’ ‘Yes’ On Kavanaugh Senate Speech Had Many Important Parts

Watchdog Group Pushes FEC to Audit Maxine Waters Fundraising Practices

Did You Know There Was A Trick Behind Senator Murkowski’s Vote?

Did This Liberals Tweet Expose the Lefts True Plan With Kavanaugh?

Democrats Talking Impeachment Again, But Not For Trump!

GET READY! Hannity Drops ‘Deep State’ Bomb, & The Left Has Nowhere to Hide (Watch)

Dem Thinks Anti-Conservative Harassment is About White Supremacy

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