Thursday, November 1, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, November 1, 2018

The First Amendment Protects The Right To Offend

This Halloween PLEASE Don’t Give To Terrorist-Supporting UNICEF!

Gunman Shoots Windows of GOP Office and 40 Other Acts of Democrat Violence

Hillary Clinton Jokes: All Blacks Look Alike

New Report: All Five Terrorists Obama Exchanged For Traitor Bergdahl Have Returned to Terror

MSM’s Biased Reporting Of Jewish Letter Demanding Trump Skip Pittsburgh

This Ocasio-Cortez Campaign Email is Stuffed With All Kinds of Insanity. Take a Look For Yourself.

Maryland Football Coach Reinstated After Player Died of Heatstroke. Then This Happened the Next Day.

WATCH What Pres. Trump and First Lady Do When Greeted by Pittsburgh Doctors and Nurses [Video]

Ethics Complaints Filed In The Senate Against Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren

WATCH DEM SENATE CANDIDATE: “She’s African American, BUT she does an even more incredible job than you can imagine” [VIDEO]

ABC’S ROSEANNE SHOW Minus Roseanne Gets CRUSHED In Ratings

ABC’S ROSEANNE SHOW Minus Roseanne Gets CRUSHED In Ratings

FLASHBACK To Time Obama Wrote About Fake White Girlfriend In Memoir…Claimed They Got Into Fight When He Compared Angry Blacks To Jews Remembering Holocaust

The American Association of Evangelicals has uncovered a plot by the George Soros

You Thought What The Left Did to Kavanaugh Was Bad … You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

WATCH: That Awkward Moment When Elizabeth Warren First Learns of Ethics Complaint Against Her…During a Debate

Michael Knowles Obliterates Don Lemon Over ‘Sheer Uninformed Racism’ on CNN

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