Friday, November 2, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Friday, November 2, 2018

Hillary Clinton Jokes: All Blacks Look Alike

Gunman Shoots Windows of GOP Office and 40 Other Acts of Democrat Violence

A Jew’s Look At The MSM’s Biased Reporting Of Jewish Letter Demanding Trump Skip Pittsburgh

New Report: All Five Terrorists Obama Exchanged For Traitor Bergdahl Have Returned to Terror

FBI Bust Iraqi Refugee Who Built Terrorist Bombs (MSM Silent)

Political Censorship! Google Ads Blocks GOP Candidate Marsha Blackburn Video

Democrats Say GOP Isn’t Diverse. Meet Six Black Republican Women Running for Congress.

New Poll Reveals Who America Really Blames for Dividing the Country. The Answer May Surprise You.

Could This Be The Demographic That Sinks The Democrats Chance in 2020?

Congressional Emails Discussing Whistle-blowers Read by the Obama CIA?

Did NBC Journalist Just Side With President Trump?

Former VP Biden Suggests Republican Lawmaker Should Get Beat Up 

ANOTHER REASON TO VOTE RED: Maxine Waters Threatens On What Will Happen If Dems Win [Video]

PRESIDENT TRUMP Puts The Kibosh On The Free-For-All At The Border…The Left Goes Berserk [Video]

RED TSUNAMI? THOUSANDS Pack Stadium In Ft. Meyers For Trump and DeSantis…While DOZENS SHOW UP To See Bernie Sanders Rally For “Thief” Andrew Gillum In Orlando [VIDEO]

CNN Panel Bashes Hillary Clinton?

World Wide Web Founder Worried About the Growing Power Wielded by Google and Facebook

Trump’s Latest Caravan Threat Crosses the Line for Many Americans

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