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Michelle Dumps Dramatic Democratic Drivel on Degeneres After SOTU

Maxine Waters’ Latest Trump Tirade Makes Her Laughing Stock of D.C.

NFL Collusion with Patriots Again Considered as Pats Hate Fuels Ratings

Full Force FBI Freakout Tentatively Scheduled for Thursday

News You Can Use for February 1, 2018

SOTU: Democrats Sat On Their Hands Despite Things They Should Have Been Applauding

FBI & DOJ Sweating #ReleaseTheMemo

#ReleaseTheMemo – Even Democrats Are Admitting This Could Get Mueller & Rosenstein Fired

US Intelligence Reveals North Korea’s ‘Kryptonite’: Can The US Win A War Without Firing A Shot?

10 Amazing Facts About America’s Economic Recovery From Trump’s State Of The Union Address

White Rich Kennedy Privilege

New Mexico’s College Bailout

Why Are Republicans Dropping Out of Congress?

Leftist Gestapo Group Complains SOTU Had Too Much “America”

CNN Becomes Conspiracy News Network With Bizarre Melania Rant

Boom! Pence Slams Pelosi for Tax "Crumbs" Comment

Ghost Of Economies past

Leftist Author Inexcusably Celebrates GOP Train Tragedy as “God’s Work”

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