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Latest Saturday, February 10, 2018

Unsurprisingly, Vegas Shooter’s Autopsy Shows Traces of …

Russian Nuke Scientists Unleash State Super Computer in Bitcoin Scam

U.S. Spies Spent One Hundred Grand on Worthless Russian Trump Info

Klansmen and Neo-Nazis Find Powerful New Hate Platform: CNN

Dirty Dem Memo Needs Makeover Before Release, Says POTUS

The Obama DOJ has a Long History of Playing Politics

News You Can Use for February 10, 2018

Rolling Stone’s Jessica Pishko: Islam Is A Race & “Right-Wing Extremists” Are Bigger Threat than Jihadis

CDC Corruption: Corporate Science Cover-Ups And How They Enrich The Politically Elite

Aspen’s Recreational Cannabis Sales Hit INCREDIBLE Milestone in 2017

Lawmakers are Actually Pushing to Make Tide Pods Look "Less Appetizing"

Hoax Dossier Author and Obama Justice Department, Sitting In A Tree…

Pennsylvania Voting Machines To Get Old School Backup Solution in 2018

Climate Hoaxers Foiled by ACTUAL Science Once Again as Ice Age Looms

Pentagon: No Evidence Assad Used Chemical Weapons

Shots Fired! Chaffetz Calls Sessions a 'Worthless Attorney General'

National Guard Deployed In West Virginia as State Suffers Horrific…

Refugee Camps Full of Imported Rapists: UN

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