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France: Muslim ‘The Voice’ singer quits reality show over pro-jihad, anti-Semitic tweets

McCarthyite Stanford Professor David Palumbo-Liu Whines About McCarthyism

The Quantum State Of Consent

Innocent Man Speaks Out After Video Showed Cops Set Him On Fire, Savagely Beat Him

Rand Paul Stands against Fiscal Hypocrisy

NYC: Stealing Subway Rides No Longer Prosecuted

Rats Jumping Ship? 2 More High Level Employees At FBI & DOJ Cited In Texts Step Down

Trump Blocks Release Of Democrat Memo

Los Angeles Mayor Taunts Feds AGAIN in Sanctuary City Showdown

Trump on DACA Fix: 'Republicans Want This More than Democrats'

Unsurprisingly, Vegas Shooter’s Autopsy Shows Traces of …

Russian Nuke Scientists Unleash State Super Computer in Bitcoin Scam

U.S. Spies Spent One Hundred Grand on Worthless Russian Trump Info

Klansmen and Neo-Nazis Find Powerful New Hate Platform: CNN

Mom Wields Sexual Predator Off With Spoon, Then Blows Him Away!

Dirty Dem Memo Needs Makeover Before Release, Says POTUS

The Obama DOJ has a Long History of Playing Politics

L.A.: Homeless Residents Can Be Saved by Government

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