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Latest Monday, February 12, 2018

Beloved Comedian Bill Murray Shocks Democrats with Truth Bomb

DISGUSTING: Liberals Fall in Love with Sister of North Korean Dictator at Winter Olympics

Another Watergate? The Double Standard Exposed

Is America a ‘Free’ Country? Not so Much…

Trump Tells Democrats to Release a Memo that Isn’t Full of Classified Intel

Forget Politics

News You Can Use for February 12, 2018

A Democratic Wave in November? … Not So Fast!

Why E-Verify Threatens Us All

The Era of Fiscal Responsibility is Over

ANOTHER Get-Trump Dossier Uncovered – This One By the Obama State Dept

Black Olympian Protests Losing Coin Toss because Black History

Liberal Watchdogs Now Begging NOT to be Told of Abuses

Minnesota State Senators Want to Spend $18,000,000 of Taxpayer Money on “Somali Community Development”

Combat Vet Becomes Outlaw to Save Her Life With Cannabis—It WORKED

The Liberal Nation Debunks RussiaGate Narrative

Liberal Mag Glorifies Racial Segregation

British Prison Inmates Face Forced Conversion to Islam

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