Thursday, February 15, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Thursday, February 15, 2018

From The Schiff-Hole: Mueller Has Trump for Obstruction AND Collusion!

Mississippi Capitol Cop Canned After Confronting Confederate Flag Group

Even More Home Cooking Sniffed Out at DOJ in Dirty Dossier Dealings

New Recruits Ain’t Nolan Ryan: Army to Alter Hand Grenade Test

Another Mystery Nuke Cloud Detected, This Time Over The State of…

Student Pulls Pledge Stunt, Teacher Pulls Him to Feet = Abuse Charges!

News You Can Use for February 15, 2018

Media Disinformation Was Essential to Getting Mueller Investigation

Socialists In Oregon Pass ‘Universal Healthcare’ But They Have No Idea How To Pay For It

Obama Thinks Trump Subversive? Pot, Kettle Much?

Florida Mass Shooter Has Islamic/Antifa Links

Dead Male Prostitute, Piles of Meth Found in Clinton Mega-Donor’s Home—NO ARRESTS


Groups Warn Illegal Immigrants to Avoid Florida [VIDEO]

Deep State Uses China Distraction

Utah Republican Party Leadership Not Happy with Romney Senate Run

FBI Issues DIRE Warning Over The Use of Chinese-Made Cell Phones

Midterms No Place for Disgraced Sex Predator Prez, Say Democrats

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