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Liberal Media Pushes Hoax That Florida Killer is Member of ‘White Supremacist Group’

The Matriarchy Is Gunning For John Kelly

Media Fear Mongers (and Lies) about School Shootings

Warnings from the Founding Fathers

Why things like the Florida High School Shooting Happen

What Happened to Sean “Penny Plan” Hannity and Fiscal Conservatism?

Muslim Group with Ties to Terrorists Cheers anti-Trump Court Ruling

News You Can Use for February 16, 2018

Sharyl Attkisson: When Propagandists Work This Hard To Shape Your Opinion, Their Goal Is To Separate You From The Truth

The Clinton Dossier

Texas: Plano Councilman Pressured to Resign Over Facebook Post Calling for Banning of Islam from Schools

If Haiti Is a “Sh*thole” Country, Who Is Really to Blame?

Armed Cop Was on Campus When The Florida Shooting Began—Never Encountered Suspect

New Data: Yellowstone Supervolcano STRAINED, Magma Chamber Under Immense Pressure

Warning Went Unheeded, Again! Tragedy in Florida: A Letter from a Student…

Doomsday Prepper

Senate Rejects Penalizing Sanctuary Cities

A Grandmother Saves Lives by Stopping School Shooting [VIDEO]

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