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Too Good to be True? Attorney General takes Aim at Hillary and Obama!

America, Please Dump This ‘President’s Day’ Nonsense

The Obama Legacy: Weaponizing Government Agencies Against Conservatives

We Need an Intelligence Overhaul

In California, it’s just All Gone

Watching the News

News You Can Use for February 19, 2018

US Marine On Gun Control Debate: Enough is Enough!

Disgraced FBI Investigator Andrew McCabe Altered His Summary Of Mike Flynn Interview

Man Found Not Guilty for Killing a Police Officer, Claiming He Acted in Self Defense

Facebook Caught Defrauding Conservatives

Debt Cancer: More Than 80 Percent Of American Adults Owe Somebody Else Money

St. Louis Businesses Threatened for Supporting Police


Trump Gets More Globalist Hate

The History Of Mass Shootings That Needs To Be Heard Before People Demand More Gun Control

Smart, Switch, Sweat, and Shiver – How Smart Grids, Smart Meters, & Smart Switches Put Us At Risk

Trump Tweets A.F. Branco Cartoon Mocking CNN and Wolf Blitzer

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