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Latest Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Feud between Oprah and President Trump Reaches New Heights

Liberals Attack VP Pence’s Christianity, Ignore Oprah and ‘Black Panther’ Hypocrisy

The Illegal Immigration Debate will Make or Break the GOP in 2018

In Tennessee Republicans Support Conservative over Anti-Trump Incumbent

Illegal Immigrant Population in Los Angeles Drops after ICE Sweep

Missing the Point of Feminism

News You Can Use for February 20, 2018

Illinois: Hamas-linked Muslim Group Launches Hijab Propaganda Billboard Campaign

The Rob Porter Scandal Resurrects the False Michelle Fields Accusation!

Schumer's Priorities

Mass Shooting Survivor Wants to Allow Concealed-Carry in Schools

Portland Campus Protestors Obliterate P.A. to Silence Conservatives

The GOP is Running The Table in Texas With Nearly 90% of The State’s …

North Korean Olympians Destined for Concentration Camps Upon Return

Nuke Button Shoving Match Between Secret Service and China Revealed!

Tinseltown Twit Taking Timeout from Film to Focus on Flummoxing Trump

Kim Dotcom Doubles Down on DNC Leak, Claims to Know Whodunnit!


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