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The Stat Liberals Ignore – Comparing Homicide Rates to Gun Ownership

The Suspicions Over the Anti-Gun Parkland Kids Grows

Mike Rowe Sounds of on the Shooting in Florida

Anti-Gun Leftists Can’t Convince Nation to Support Bad Ideas, so they Ask the Kids to Try

Hypocrite George Soros Caught Investing Millions in ‘Evil’ Enterprise

The Real Bad Guy in Florida

How the War on Drugs was Behind a Girl Gouging Out Her Own Eyes in Front of a Church

Florida Shooting Survivor EXPOSED? ‘My Father’s A Retired FBI Agent’

Soft Targets

Oligarch Nancy Pelosi Called Out for Hypocrisy

News You Can Use for February 21, 2018

Ted Cruz Wins Over Trump Voters?

Small-Business Confidence Reaches Record High Due to Trump Tax Cuts

George Clooney Next Democratic Messiah of the Hour

Delinquent Taxpayers Will Soon Become Political Prisoners of The IRS

Teachers in Ohio Pack Concealed Carry Class Offered By Sheriff’s Office

Trump Takes Big Swipe at Second Amendment, Ordering Sessions To…

Trump is Playing 4D Chess with Endorsement of Wiley Willard in Utah

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