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Latest Friday, February 23, 2018

Coward Cop Throws Wrench into Liberal Narrative on Florida School Shooting

Jews: Never Forget Trump For Remembering Our Unforgettable Jerusalem

Shooting Survivor says CNN Townhall was Staged, Trump Offers an Interesting Solution to Shootings

Christophobia in the Media?

British Liberal Piers Morgan Defends Trump, Slams Obama, calls FBI ‘Federal Bureau of Incompetence’!

Ted Cruz takes a Powerful Stand for the 2nd Amendment

News You Can Use for February 23, 2018

Police Announce Program to Illegally Stop People for ‘SAFE Driving’ & Facebook Owns Them

After The Feds REPEATEDLY Violate Man’s Rights And Property, He SUES

Bitter Clinger

No Registered Republican Lawyers on Mueller's Team

Former Reagan Official on Mueller's Indictment: Big Nothingburger

SHOCK: Government Employee in Trouble for Not Doing His Job at Parkland High School

Democrats Seek Government Funds To Harass Conservatives as Russian Bots

Liberal Media Lies Up a Storm As Parkland Kids Advocate for Ending Second Amendment

Report: Armed Officer Never Entered Florida School During Shooting

President Trump Holds a Listening Session with High School Students on Gun Violence

Will Big Government Bully Your Radio & Television Stations Off the Air?

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