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Here’s a List of Companies that are Turning their Backs on the NRA and Gun Owners

‘He’s Going to Explode’: The FBI and the Broward County Police Failed our Kids

Democrats Selling Schiff Sandwiches

Anti-Gun Broward Sheriff calls Himself an ‘Amazing Leader,’ Promptly Destroyed by CNN Reporter

President Trump Delivers Powerful Vision at CPAC 2018

House Intelligence Committee Releases Democrat Memo on FISA Abuse

Obama in the Sky

News You Can Use for February 26, 2018

Even Fake News CNN Reporter Calls Out Anti-Gun Broward Sheriff's Claims That He's an ‘Amazing Leader’

Question The Florida Shooting Narrative & YouTube & Twitter Will Scrub You

The Deadliest School Attack in the US Was Erased from History Because It Wasn’t Done With a Gun

Father Of Daughter Killed In Parkland Slams The MSM For Talking About Guns, Not Safety

Today's Special

Government Wants to Empower Government MORE to Save Us from Guns

Why Did Obama Give a Secret Speech on Sports?

MSNBC Ignorance about Firearms Reaches Peak Idiocy

Testosterone-Injected Female Wins Girls Wrestling. Duh.

London Rapes Spike and Everyone Claims to Be Mystified

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