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Forget Gun Control, Focus on School Safety

New Study Reveals Shocking Facts on School Shootings in America

President Trump Calls ‘Bull’ On the Democrats and DACA        

Self-Defense is a Right and Responsibility for All

How Can a Teacher Make it in America’s Gulag-style Schools?

Hypocrite Teacher Unions Call for Gun Control while Investing Pension Money in Guns

Gun Control Timeline In The US: Did It Actually Work Or Just Violate The Constitution?

Parents, Politicians, And Protecting Our Children

Emergency Medical Teams ORDERED To STAND DOWN While Kids Bled Out After Florida Shooting

Gun Sales Skyrocket As Gun Owners Brace For An All-Out Assault On Our Second Amendment Rights

Pentagon Just Pledged Millions to Pay Media Companies to Wage a Massive Information War

Love Media Hate

Student Shootings Are Less Common than in the 1990s!

News You Can Use for February 28, 2018

Jeff Sessions Will Have DOJ Investigate FISA Warrants

Liberals Admit Trump 2020 Can Win

Heritage Foundation Agenda Items: Trump Further than Reagan

YouTube Punishes Alex Jones With Second Strike, Two Week Ban

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