Sunday, February 4, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, February 4, 2018

Oregon: Convicted Muslim Rapist Sues State For Failing To Provide Halal Meals

Democracies Die, but Republicanism Lives On

Idaho Leftists Freak Out That This Conservative Might Actually Win A Congressional Seat

Wolf Blitzer Ditches Objectivity to Promote Russia Nonsense

FBI Didn't Want Body Cams At Roadblock Where LaVoy Finicum Was Killed

Famous Author’s Sickening GOP Train Tweet Finally Gets Apology

Is The Constitution Going Up In Vapor?

Cops Raid Licensed Chef’s Home, Steal His Cooking Equipment—Because He Fed the Homeless

Philly’s Faith Filled QB Gives Us ANOTHER Reason to Root Against Pats

While Congress Sits On Its Hands, Planned Parenthood Vows To "Break The Baby's Neck" If Born Alive

DOW Takes Devilish Dive of -666 Points on Fears of FBI Malfeasance

A Nation Divided Against Itself Will Not Stand

News Publishers Abandon Facebook’s Latest Monetization Effort

Whoa! 40% of Tulane University Women say they’ve been Assaulted

Police Chief & Half of Entire Llano Police Dept Arrested for Violating ONE Man’s 4th Amendment

News You Can Use for February 3, 2018

1 Concrete Nuclear Dome Is LEAKING RADIOACTIVE Waste Into The Ocean

A Year into #TheResistance and Still No Democratic Champion

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