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Latest Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The FBI Seemingly Violated the ‘Woods Procedures’ by including Unverified Info to FISA Court

The ‘Illinois Nazi’ Running for Congress is Everything Wrong With Illinois

Senate Memo Reveals more Clinton-Obama anti-Trump Activities and ANOTHER Dossier

Veteran FBI Agent says Comey Let Politics ‘Infect’ Investigations

Republican Turncoat says GOP now the Party of Wikileaks and Snowden

The GOP Tax Bill will Bring Back More than $2 Trillion to the USA

News You Can Use for February 6, 2018

Missouri: Father Saves Wife, Daughter & 30 Strangers From Armed Robber – Cops Show Up & Shoot Him With Hands In The Air

"Law" Will Throw Waiters in Jail Who Offer Customers Unsolicited Plastic Straws

Twitter Implements Sharia Norms: Labels Photo Of Woman Without Hijab "Sensitive Material"

Rep. Devin Nunes: ‘Clear Collusion’ between Russians & Clinton Campaign – Not Trump

Ax to Grind

WaPo: U.S. Winter Olympics Team Too White

This T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad Is Creepy [VIDEO]

Trump Was Right to Break Super Bowl Tradition and Refuse to Give NBC an Interview

California Leftism About to Go into Overdrive

Facebook Facing Dumbfounding Fines For Meddling in Political Advertising

“Special Counsel II: Deep StateReckoning” Set to Premiere in D.C. Swamp?

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