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How did Trump Man Carter Page Go From FBI Undercover Spy to Accused Russian Agent?

Illinois Republicans Push to Primary Governor

More Congressmen Admit, the FBI Broke their Own Rules

Was the Democrat Response at the SOTU “Treasonous”?

Democrat Leader Tried to Get Nude Trump Photos from Russian Pranksters

CIA-Controlled Media Out In The Open: Obama's CIA Director John Brennan Hired By NBC

FEMA Gave This Fashionista $156 Million Contract To Provide 30 Million Meals – She Delivered 50,000

Vegas Shooter Reportedly Warned His Brain was ‘Hacked’ & He Was Under Government Control

Did FBI Violate ‘Woods Procedures’ by including Unverified Info to FISA Court?

Schiff-ty Politics

With Olympics Only Hours Away, North Korea Makes Eerie Statement

SJW’s Stifle School Play Over White Girl Playing European Character

Daddy-Daughter Dance? NO WAY Says Trans-Trender School in NYC

Latest Phony Doom Phone Warning Had East Coast Panicking Tuesday

POTUS Is NOT Playing Around on Immigration, Threatens Gov’t Shutdown

New Cold War’s Latest Battlefield Isn’t Just Cold…It’s Arctic

Missouri: Father Saves Wife, Daughter & 30 Strangers From Armed Robber – Cops Show Up & Shoot Him With Hands In The Air

Masschusetts: 5-Year-Old Girl Tied Down & Burned By 2 Sisters In Voodoo Ritual – 8-Year-Old Brother Threatened With Beheading

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