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California Looks to Preemptively Sanction U.S. Oil Drilled Under Trump

Rand Shows Shades of Poppa Paul With Military Parade Banter

Deep State Dubya Disses Donald During Stop in Abu Dhabi

News You Can Use for February 8, 2018

DACA Will Never Be Enough

What Goes Up

Marines Turning to Quadcopters and Video Games For Next Generation

Cali Judge Breaks With Liberal State, Rules In Favor of Religious Freedom

Google Files Patents in Order to RAISE YOUR CHILDREN

Omarosa: 'Lots of People Want to Stab Me in the Back'

LOL! Seattle Wall Gets Built!

EU’s Misguided Muslim Migration Mess May Soon Be Militarily Enforced?

FBI FAIL: New Texts Show OBAMA Involvement with Clinton Probe!

Pelosi Looks to Lampoon “Breakthrough” Budget Deal On Account Of…

Musical Canceled Because Talented White Girl Won Lead

CIA-Controlled Media Out In The Open: Obama's CIA Director John Brennan Hired By NBC

#ReleaseTheSecondMemo: Team Clinton & Obama Worked With Foreign Spy To Undermine Trump With Second Dossier

FEMA Gave This Fashionista $156 Million Contract To Provide 30 Million Meals – She Delivered 50,000

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