Saturday, March 10, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, March 10, 2018

Socialism is Like Breeding Poisonous Snakes and Releasing them into Society

BREAKING: Trump Just Donated Every Dollar of Profit To This Group.

News You Can Use for March 10, 2018

Trump's Win Is The Reichstag Fire Of Internet Censorship

Texas: Communists Use Lawfare To Censor Pro-Freedom Newspaper

President Trump Pardons Felon for Violating Classification Rules

Democrats Trying To Disarm America Demonstrate Their Ignorance On Guns

Washington Just Legalized Human Trafficking, Babies Can Now Be Bought and Sold Commercially

Trump Comes Down HARD on Mueller, Demands Meeting to Discuss…

Do You Know The Four Boxes of Liberty? You Should!

Survey Says: Dems More Likely to "Unfriend" You Over Politics

BREAKING: Hostage Situation, Active Shooter at Veteran Home in…

BREAKING: Trump Will Finally Meet Him Face to Face

Democrats Mock Trump on North Korea, Forgetting Obama’s Iran Failure

Nuclear Alert: Belgium Distributed Iodine Pills, But Claims There’s ‘No Risk’

FL Governor Signs Bill to Allow Teachers to Carry….But at What Cost?

Congressman Thomas Massie Warns How Both Parties Are Looking To Take Your Guns

Anti-Semites Make Ridiculous Claim Against The Trump Administration

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