Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, March 14, 2018

MAKE SPACE GREAT AGAIN: Trump Looks to Add New Branch to Military

Democrat Leader Calls Immigration Officers ‘Cowards’

Huge Solar Storms Could Wreak Havoc as they Reach Earth Today!

If Men Can Become Women and Women Men, It’s No Surprise that Some People Believe the Earth is Flat

Mugged By Reality: How a Liberal Came to Love Guns and the NRA

Pennsylvania Special Election Ends with Photo Finish!

Five Critical Questions That Need to Be Answered One Month After the Florida Shooting

God Loves Us and Donald Trump loves America

News You Can Use for March 14, 2018

Mass Shootings & Psychiatric Drugs: The Connection You're Not Being Told About

Florida: Muslim Teen Says Islam Led Him To Stab Multiple People

While the Media Slept, Trump Saved Us from China

Leaked Photos Show Trump Insider, Who Was Arrested for Child Porn, Partying With Bill Clinton

The Public Fears An Eruption At Yellowstone: ‘Spate Of Tremors’ Reported

Gov Prosecuting Illegal Immigrants Bringing Others to U.S.

Fascist Britain Protects Border from Conservatives [VIDEO]

Putin Threatens to Nuke UK After GOP Declares NO COLLUSION!

WHITE HOUSE HORNET’S NEST: Prez Hires and Fires on Wild Weekday

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