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Latest Thursday, March 15, 2018

What Trump and the GOP MUST Do to Win the Midterms

Lone Star City Ramps up Social Justice Junket During Annual Lefty-Fest

News You Can Use for March 15, 2018

The Lurking Oxymoron In Our "Criminal Justice" System

Elderly Americans Will Surpass the Number of American Children in 17 Years!

Incredible! Angela Merkel, "The Destroyer Of Germany," Re-Elected To 4th Term as Chancellor

An Obama Photo Worth a Thousand Lies

Independent Journalist Exposes How Social Media Companies Are Systematically Silencing Conservative Voices

Baltimore Can’t Afford to Heat Schools, But is Paying $100k to Bus Students to Gun Control Rally

Tucker: Fauxcahontas is Committing "Identity Theft"

Politics Before Country

Movie Director Thinks Race Explains Dislike of "A Wrinkle in Time"

Trump Suspected Andrew McCabe After Fake News Story

Another Massive Muslim Rape Scandal in the U.K.

Seth Rich Will Have His Day in Court, But It’s Not What You Think!

Oh the Irony! Bernie Talks Gun Control, Surrounded with Armed Guards

Haley Slams Russia for Assassination Attempt: 'They Must be Held Accountable'

Bernie Sanders Attends Anti-Gun Rights Protest… With Armed Guards

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