Saturday, March 17, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Saturday, March 17, 2018

Liberal Darlings at Saturday Night Live Accused of Bigotry

Clinton Colluder McCabe Canned Just Days Away from Pulling Pension

Leftwing Site Publishes Retraction on Anti-Trump Tripe

2017’s Most Wasteful Use of Tax Dollars

David Hogg Silent As Students Engage in Riotous Behavior & Unsavory Conduct During Student #Walkout For Gun Control

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Fired At Eleventh Hour – Criminal Charges May Follow

Foreign Policy Touts Saudi Arabia’s "Reforms" – Shows Little Has Really Been Done

A Generation of Tide Pod Eating Fools Suddenly became our Leading Lights?

White House Denies, But Reports Persist: H.R. McMaster On Chopping Block

Hillary Clinton: Trump Voters are Racist, Poor, and Stupid

Police Refusing to Investigate Massive Child Sex Ring, Say Girls as Young as 11 ‘Consented’

Environmentalists Side with Ted Cruz on Ethanol Mandate

Finally, a Deep State Agent Gets Some Justice!

Prison Reform Hero or Sexual Exploiter and Fraud?

We’re Calling It: The 5 Undeniable Signs That We’re In A NEW COLD WAR

Trump Official Assaulted by George Soros Operative on Capitol Hill!

Teacher Questions Gun Control Walkout – Gets Put On Paid Leave

Clinton Advisor Admits Possibility of 2nd Trump Term

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