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Latest Sunday, March 18, 2018

Muslim students want Florida student expelled for refusing to try on a hijab on Hijab Day

This Video By Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Student Answers Exactly Who Anti-Second Amendment Activist David Hogg Really Is

The Dossier Gang That Didn't Know Anything

Trump Continues to Rack Up the Victories, Despite Media Hate

Cop Kills Unarmed Dad With His Hands Up, On Video—Praised by Dept, Put Back on Patrol Duty

College Prez Turns Up Heat: 'We're Not an Environment for Snowflakes'

Pelosi Cries About Proposed Wall Being 'Too High'

Senator Dianne Feinstein: Dick's CEO Is A "Great American" For Illegally Discriminating On Gun Sales

School Walkout Orchestrated, Financed, Implemented by Leftover Nazi Factions

Trump Rips Into Andrew McCabe & "Sanctimonious" James Comey

Abortionists Need A Mental Evaluation, Not Gun Owners

Republicans Set To Stick It To The Public With Omnibus Spending Bill – Going To Fund Sanctuary Cities

Predestination, Election, and Free Will: Each Biblically Sound Doctrine

Peter Thiel: 'Trump Will Win in 2020 if He Runs'

Liberal Darlings at Saturday Night Live Accused of Bigotry

Clinton Colluder McCabe Canned Just Days Away from Pulling Pension

Leftwing Site Publishes Retraction on Anti-Trump Tripe

2017’s Most Wasteful Use of Tax Dollars

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