Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The REAL Reason Former CIA Director John Brennan Ripped President Trump

Austin Serial Bomber Detonates His Last Device as Police Close In

The Corrupt FBI Leadership, McCabe, Comey, Obama – Those are the Russia Collaborators

Broward County Sheriff’s Office Is In Even More Hot Water

Why Many People are Dazed and Confused and Act Insane

BREAKING! The Austin Bomber's Reign of Terror Comes to an End

A Tale Of Two School Shootings

U.K. Will Jail a Man for a Viral Video of a Nazi Dog

Britain First Leader Paul Golding Beaten Up By Inmates In Prison Days After Being Jailed

Justice: Killer-Cop Mohamed Noor Who Shot Unarmed Pajama Clad Justine Damond Is Charged With MURDER

Fox News Hosts Unmask the Deep State Assault on President Trump

And Then Dial 9-1-1

Why Won't She Go Away?

Great Mills High School Resource Officer Didn't Hide from Shooter!

Could One West Coast City End Up Banning BEEF? Some Say YES!

Facebook’s Massive Data Breach is Far More Troubling Than Reported

Good Riddance! Fox News Analyst Quits: 'They're a Propaganda Machine'

The New York Times’ Cynical Attack on Missile Defense

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