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Latest Sunday, March 25, 2018

Willfully Ignorant FBI Can't Discover Motive For Muslim Jihadi Who Drove Into Propane Tanks At Travis Air Force Base

Who Runs March For Our Lives?

Gov’t Lets Hundreds of Pedophiles Go Free as YouTuber Convicted for “Offensive” Joke Video

Abortion Battles Go Unnoticed As Culture Wars Rage

Alan Dershowitz Slams CNN Lawyer for Letting Anti-Trump Bias Get the Better of Him

Creepy Totalitarian Youth Follow Celebrities and Preach at Us

A Bucket of Rocks to Deal with a School Shooter: Paleolithic Security?

Hogg Bullies Himself? YouTube Pulls David Hogg's Video After Drudge Makes It Go Viral

Women of ‘the View’ Silenced when their Hypocrisy is Exposed

Hogg, Gonzalez Accuse NRA Of Threats – Advocate For Permanent Walkout Until Congress Enacts More Unlawful Gun Laws

Teaching Teachers during Teachable Moments

Anti-Gun Activist David Hogg Suddenly Remembers the Bill of Rights

Black Lives Matter Is Back, and Their Latest Target is Unbelievable!

Instead Of Rebuking Anti-Second Amendment Students, White House Encourages Them & Touts Trump's Latest Attacks On Second Amendment

REPORT: President Trump Eyeing Massive Retaliation Against Russia

The Next Generation of Tyrants

“March For Our Lives” Grassroots Credibility Goes Up in Flames

UK Judge Tells Tube Jihadi: “You’ll Have Plenty Of Time To Study The Koran In Prison…The Koran Is A Book Of Peace”

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