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The “Scandal-Free” Life of “America’s Pastor”

Who’s Right: Trump or the GOP?

President Trump Took No Prisoners at Gridiron Dinner and it Was Hilarious

How to Stop Illegal Immigrants From Voting in National Elections

Time for a Lesson on the Assault Rifle

News You Can Use for March 5, 2018

Donald J “Smoot-Hawley” Trump – It’s Déjà Vu all Over Again

America Should Listen to the Iraqi Parliament

This Will Soon Be The Dominant E-Commerce Cryptocurrency: “The World Is Going To Move Way Too Fast To Wait For Bitcoin”

What Do You Think Would Have Happened To America If Hillary Clinton Had Won The Election?

Oklahoma: Muslim student threatened to kill Jews and terror expert John Guandolo, FBI did nothing

Just Like Vegas, Authorities are Hiding the Surveillance Footage of Parkland Shooting

Stalinesque Evil

Gang Funeral Violence Is a Chicago Thing

Hero Disarms Gunman but Doesn't Drop Gun Quickly Enough

Mother Charged with Negligent Homicide after Off-Duty Cop Kills Daughter

Subway Perverts: New York City's (Mildly) Persecuted Sexual Orientation?

States Begin To Enact Gun Confiscation Laws Denying Citizens Due Process

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