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As Attacks on the 2nd Amendment Increase, Look What’s Happened At The NRA

Democrat Leaders Caught Cozying Up to Hate

How Hollywood Perverts Sex and Romance and Attacks Anyone Who Disagrees with the Perversion

Do ‘Regular’ Americans Like You Care what Celebrities Think?

News You Can Use for March 6, 2018

President Trump, Tell Terror-Supporting Qatar It Can Kiss Our US Air Base Goodbye

FBI to Judge: Dismiss lawsuit before the public learns details about the jihad attack in Texas

Dialing For Dollars: Members Of Congress Are Instructed To Spend 4 Hours A Day On The Telephone Raising Money

84-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Abused by TSA Draws Ominous Parallel With Her Time in Auschwitz

Self Defense

US to Be World’s Largest Oil Producer in Five Years?

Massachusetts Gun Restrictions Increased Crime

Trump Aide Tells Mueller Where to Shove His Subpoena in Defiant Rant

Everything Wrong With Last Night’s Oscars, According to We The People

The Oscars Mock Republicans, Earn Lowest Ratings Ever

Eric Holder Claims Mueller Already Has Charges Ready Against Trump

Liberal Nit-Twits at the Olympics: Boneheadedness on Display (Video)

DREAMers Call Democrats "Fake Allies" & Block Doors At DNC – Arrests Made

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