Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Wednesday, March 7, 2018

BREAKING: Trump Administration to Sue California to End ‘Sanctuary’ Policies

Rising Democrat Star Resigns Office after Pleading Guilty to Theft and Admitting Affair

DOJ Pursuing Charges of Obstruction Against Leftwing Mayor?

News You Can Use for March 7, 2018

10 Reasons Why "All Roads Lead" To Hillary Clinton

Seeing is Believing

Jeff Sessions: DOJ Will Sue California

Economic Advisor Gary Cohn Resigns from Team Trump

Out with the Old: Cohn Departs from Trump Administration

Court: Liberals Manufactured LGBT Angle in Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Trump Did In One Year What Establishment Couldn’t in SIX DECADES

Dementia? Bush Claims Trump 'Makes Him Look Good by Comparison'

Sad! Tree Planted by George Washington Destroyed by Storm

Media Gets Partisan and Blames the GOP for Playing Politics on the NRA

Condoleezza Rice Shares Incredible Reason that she Defends the 2nd Amendment

Florida Senate Votes to Arm Teachers

As Attacks on the 2nd Amendment Increase, Look What’s Happened At The NRA

The Right’s Failure to Call Out Trump on Gun Control Proves Brainwashing Power of 2-Party Paradigm

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