Sunday, April 15, 2018 - Revere Report

Latest Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trump Ready to Enrage Liberals Again, This Time with Scooter Pardon

One Meteorologist’s On-Air Meltdown Comes Amid Lengthy Winter

NPR Claims NRA Colluded with Russia without Any Evidence

Broward School District Corruption Likely Led to Mass Shooting

Chick-fil-A Community Causes Fear and Loathing at the New Yorker

Trump is Right: China is Cheating and Everyone Knows It

Hate Everything Good About America? You Must be a Trump Hating Liberal Lunatic Democrat

What If the FBI Raid on Michael Cohen Was Opposition Research?

Anonymous GOP Congressman Delivers Foul Tirade Against President Trump

The British Government is Sentencing Another Sick Child to Death, Against the Wishes of His Parents

“Fake News” and “Our Democracy”

Court Upholds Law Not Agenda

Republican Governor Succumbs to Anti-Gun Hysteria

Liberals says Whites are Scared of being Replaced by Minorities

The Generation beyond Compare – A Call to Royalty

School District Gives Teachers 16-Inch Bats to Stop Shooters

Russia Grandstands, but Syria Discipline still Coming

Wag the Donkey – How Democrats are Criminalizing Trump Republicans

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